How did you feel on your first day of school this year?

I felt very confident and that nothing had changed because I was with the same community and I was very safe.

I know you just started Middle School a few weeks ago, but tell me about what you have learned in 5th grade so far?

We are learning a lot of new things that I didn’t know before.  In Science, we are learning about cells and in Math, we are using protractors.  Also, we all had to read the same book over the summer, which was different than the reading lists that we had in Lower School.

Do you have a favorite project from last year?

I really like art so I really liked most of the art projects.  But we did a lot of projects last year that were fun.  I loved the “herstory” project, where we each studied a famous woman from history.  I like public speaking so that was really fun.

What does being a student at Sacred Heart mean to you?

Sacred Heart is really special.  It feels like a second family. I feel really special to go here.  Everyone makes you feel welcomed and they are happy to see you and they are there when you need them to be.  It is really comfortable and you can express yourself.

While you were very young when your family choose Sacred Heart for you, you didn’t have to stay for Middle School.  Why did you stay?

I don’t want to leave.  I want to stay for a long time.  I want to stay.  Sacred Heart is a great place.   It’s not a place you would want to leave.

What have you learned about yourself by being at Sacred Heart?

I have learned that if I really try, I can do things that I didn’t think I could.  Also, that I can help people.

What is your favorite goal?

I like goal 3.

Goal Three states Schools of the Sacred Heart commit themselves to educate to a social awareness which impels to action, why is this your favorite?

I like it because it is all about helping people and I like helping others.

Does Sacred Heart feel like a second home? Why?

It feels like a second home because everyone feels like family – everyone is welcoming and says “Hi.”  Or, if you are gone for even one day, when you come back they say “Hi, we missed you.”

If there was only one word you could use to describe what Sacred Heart means to you, what would it be?


Carolina, Middle School Student
Carolina, Middle School Student