Admissions Welcome

Dear Prospective Parents and Students,

Welcome to the admissions section of Sacred Heart's website. No matter where you are in your admissions search, we hope that you will find the information provided here helpful in educating your family, not only about Sacred Heart’s admissions process, but also about why a Sacred Heart education is unique.

As parents, I ask you to reflect back on your own education to help you realize that putting words to what is special about your daughter’s education is quite difficult. Instead you will rely on her stories, her smiles, her friendships, her overcoming a perceived “impossible” challenge, her trying a new sport, her being the lead in a play, her ambitions growing, and her dreams reaching far beyond what even you as a parent had wished for. These are the moments that sum up an education and the ones we cherish as Sacred Heart educators.

As students, regardless of whether you are applying to Middle or Upper School, you may already have a sense of what education means to you, but are now looking forward and figuring out what your aspirations for the future are. Whether you are a budding scientist, artist or linguist, at Sacred Heart we realize that your journey will undoubtedly change course and the tools you are equipped with will directly impact how well you adapt. We therefore strive to expose you to endless challenges and new opportunities, during which we furnish you with critical tools, such as integrity, faith, confidence, deeply-rooted friendships, public speaking skills, balance, a moral compass, an active global citizenship, a voice, values and a sense of tradition. These are the instruments that will help you to continue your path of greatness.

I sincerely hope our admissions team will have the pleasure of welcoming you and your daughter in person. Thank you for your interest in Sacred Heart and best of luck with your admissions search. 


The Sacred Heart Admissions Team

The heart of education is the education of the heart.

madeleine sophie barat (founder of the sacred heart schools)