Whistle-Blower Policy

The School has a Code of Ethics applicable to all its employees, officers and trustees. The Administration and the Board of Trustees are committed to the values and principles of ethical conduct set forth in the Code and urge each member of the Sacred Heart community to report promptly any suspected violations.

If you believe that any practice or conduct does not comply with an applicable law, rule or regulation, or any other principle of conduct set forth in the Code, or if you have been requested to act in such a manner, please report the matter. Any suspected loss, misuse or theft of any property of the School should also be reported. Report any suspected violation even if you do not have all the facts. Your intuition may prevent something far worse from happening.

Ask yourself:

  • Is it illegal?
  • Does it violate School standards or the Code of Ethics?
  • Could it cause loss or harm to me, my co-workers or other members of the School community?
  • Is it bad for the School, companies doing business with the School or the public?
  • Would I feel uncomfortable if everyone knew this was happening?

Under any of the foregoing circumstances, you have three options. You may:

1. report the matter to your supervisor or Division Head;

2. report the matter to the Head of School; or

3. if the nature of the concern is such that discussion with your supervisor, Division Head or the Head of School would not be comfortable or appropriate, report the matter directly to Rita Hernandez, a Trustee, or her successor.

Ms. Hernandez can be reached at: (212) 222-2388 or rah3193@gmail.com

You will be notified of the name of and contact information for any successor to Ms. Hernandez.

All such communications will be treated confidentially, subject to disclosure to others, as determined appropriate by the Audit Committee, to facilitate investigation of the reported circumstances. Although employees are encouraged to identify themselves when making a report in order to permit appropriate follow-up, reports may be made anonymously if you feel that the situation warrants protection of your identity. The School's By-laws provide that no member of the Administration or staff of the School is a member of the Audit Committee. The Audit Committee intends to investigate all good faith reports of violations.

Neither the Administration nor the Board of Trustees will tolerate any kind of disciplinary or other negative action or retaliation applied to anyone who, in good faith, reports, or participates in the investigation of, any suspected violation of the Code. Any such action should be reported immediately.