Committed to educational excellence. 


Head of School
Joseph J. Ciancaglini
Director of Admissions
Elizabeth Santini

Head of Lower School
Amy Pacula

Director of Institutional Advancement
Craig MacPherson
Head of Middle School
Catherine Hubacz
Chief Administrative Officer
Jamie Bowen
Head of Upper School
Margaret Savino
Director of Athletics and Wellness
Paul Culff

Faculty and Staff Search

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Mary Katherine Woodall

College Counseling Administrative Assistant
B.A., University of Mississippi
School: ext. 328

Yinning Yao

Upper School Mandarin Teacher
B.A., Guandong University
M.Ed., Fairfield University
School: ext. 712

John Zufall

Upper School Science Teacher
B.A., Holy Cross College
M.A., St. John's University
M.S., New York University
School: ext. 758
< 1 21 22 23 showing 199 - 201 of 201 constituents