Board of Trustees, 2019-2020


The Board of Trustees has the responsibility, in consultation with the Administration, for setting school policy, maintaining the school's financial health and selecting the Head of School. Its ongoing challenge is to manage the present needs of the school while at the same time planning for the future and remaining faithful to the school's mission as expressed in the Goals and Criteria.

Caroleen Mackin, Greenwich '81
Lorena Sayer O'Brien, Stuart Country Day '88
Curt Burwell
John Neary
Elizabeth Flynn Lott
Head of School
Joseph J. Ciancaglini
Mark Carhart Chris Devron, SJ Jonathan Marotta
Kevin Corgan Christopher Fogarty Marilyn McMorrow, RSCJ
Margaret Crotty '90 Rita A. Hernandez '74 Jacqueline Mitchell
Elisabeth de Bourbon '85 Gwendolyn Hoeffel, RSCJ Mario Natarelli
Frances de la Chapelle, RSCJ Edward Kehoe James Parsons
Maria Devaney Ana Laffont Bradley Robins
Paul Enright Karen Lent Samira Sine
Barbara Fernandez Del Valle Erik Lisher Joy Spears

Ex Officio

President, Alumnae Board
Kate Doherty
President, Parents Association
Lisa Abel


Honorary Trustees

Mary Anne Boyd Winthrop Rutherfurd, Jr.
Alfred Y. Morgan III John W. Townsend
Emily K. Rafferty '67 Richard N. Winfield

Board History

Originally run solely by the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, an order of cloistered nuns, the school began to integrate lay faculty in the 1940s. With the effects of Vatican II, further changes were implemented, including the ending of cloister, the adoption of modern attire in place of the traditional habits, and a growing community of teachers and students that reflected the true diversity of New York City. Sacred Heart restructured in 1976 by appointing a lay Board of Trustees to oversee its operation. The Board continues to adhere to the Society's educational policies and is governed by the Goals & Criteria, the set of principles that express the values, intentions and hopes of the Sacred Heart tradition.