A Message from the Head of School
Cor Unum: June 1, 2020  


During Sunday's virtual Baccalaureate Mass for the Seniors and their families, we prayed for peace and justice. Given the magnitude of the racial injustice we have all witnessed over the past few weeks, our prayers took on a new urgency. Time and again, we have seen people of color endure not only systemic discrimination but horrific acts of violence. When will it stop? It is difficult not to be overwhelmed with anger and heartbreak.

But now is not the time to succumb to feelings of despair. Now more than ever, we must find strength in our faith and our community, and come together for the sake of justice, love, and peace. Our faith and our mission call us to respect the dignity of each human being, to build community as a Christian value, to advocate for a social awareness that impels action. I believe that together, our Sacred Heart community can find ways to work against racism and fight for a world that affirms God's love for all humankind.

Convent of the Sacred Heart, 91st Street stands with the Society of the Sacred Heart and the United States Bishops in condemning all forms of racism and prejudice. We reaffirm our commitment to educate for justice and the dignity of each person. We will continue to pray, but prayer and reflection are only one step in the process that will bring the love of God into the world. This is a moment when each of us has to use his or her own voice to speak out for justice and to act on its behalf. Silence is not an option.

Statement from the Society of the Sacred Heart

The RSCJ and leadership of the Society of the Sacred Heart shared the following statement about racism with all Sacred Heart schools, pledging to fight the sin of racial discrimination.

Link: https://www.rscj.org/news/statement-racism-may-29-2020

Prayer Service

The Awareness and Spirituality/Heritage Councils have prepared a prayer and reflection service that will be available via Zoom on Wednesday, June 3, at 3:30 pm. We invite you to attend. We hope you will join the prayer service to be at one with each other and prayerfully support each other as we move forward. View a recording of the service here


Our Sacred Heart Network has identified several resources to support speaking about racism with our children. We are happy to offer some of them here. Later this week, we will send additional resources from our Awareness Council, a diversity, equity and inclusion team made up of 91st Street faculty and staff.

We have to take on this challenge with renewed energy and determination. It is not only for the sake of one child that Sacred Heart schools exist. It is for the sake of every child.