We are part of a global community. 

Since Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat founded the Society of the Sacred Heart in France in 1801, Sacred Heart has grown and expanded across the world. The Sacred Heart network now includes 25 schools across North America and nearly 160 schools internationally

Although the 91st Street community has always benefited from being part of this larger network, the following signature programs mark the start of a new era of developing dynamic relationships with our international network of Sacred Heart schools.

Global Network Signature Programs

Academic Visit to India

Grounded in the Upper School curriculum, this unique opportunity challenges students to deepen their classroom study in History, Religion and Literature through an immersive experience in India. Partnering with a Sacred Heart school in the village of Haregaon, India, students will work alongside their Indian peers for an unforgettable experience that will revolutionize how they understand and work with others around the globe.

From Wall Street to Silicon Valley

Launched in the summer of 2021, the Exploring Entrepreneurship program partners with the Sacred Heart school in Atherton, CA to give students real-world exposure to entrepreneurship in a range of industries such as finance, technology, healthcare, and biotechnology, and develop future-ready skills through experiential, hands-on learning.

Visiting Students Program

Visiting Students Programs offer students a transformative cultural experience and an opportunity for 4- to 12-week language immersion in over 40 countries. Students gain independence and learn to navigate the unfamiliar, all in a safe and supportive environment living with an International Sacred Heart family.

Countries visited include: Australia, France, Ireland, Italy, Spain and Taiwan.

Summer Service Projects

Summer Service Projects give students opportunities to serve under-resourced communities across North America and internationally, working alongside and forging relationships with Sacred Hearts students from various network schools. Students serve communities in places ranging from Louisiana and South Dakota to Uganda and Guatemala.

International Conferences and Workshops

The Sacred Heart network sponsors several international conferences and workshops throughout the year for students and faculty to connect and learn from each other. Last year, students and faculty traveled to Paris and St. Louis to engage in genuine conversation around global issues and solutions with Sacred Heart network students from around the world.

50,000+ Alumnae Strong in North America Alone

Whether you visit any one of the 150+ Sacred Heart network schools or engage with global visitors here at 91st Street, students find unity in the shared mission that binds the Sacred Heart community across the world. With over 50,000 alumnae/i in North America alone, the Sacred Heart network represents alumnae/i in 41 countries and 26 languages.

Connections through Shared Interests

The Sacred Heart network offers students opportunities to make personal connections with others from around the world through passion projects or service initiatives. The faculty consistently facilitates and encourages engagement between students and like-minded peers and alumni from across the global network. Last year, for instance, rising senior Magdelena del Valle connected with feminist group leaders at Sacred Heart schools in Uganda and Mexico to share resources and best practices on how to educate their peers on gender equality.

Immersive Learning Workshops
Immersive Learning Workshops

Hosted by various network schools, Sacred Heart network workshops bring together students from across North America to participate in unique immersive learning experiences.

Most recently, 91st Street hosted 3DNYC - Diversity, Differences, and Dialogue - a workshop that used dialogue training, direct service, and reflection to help students dive deeper into the 8 social identifiers of diversity and the importance of understanding differences.

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