Driven by our mission and shared values.

The 91st Street community is an inclusive and thoughtful one, guided by the school’s founding mission and shared goals.

We are committed to a diverse, inclusive and equitable community, environmental sustainability, and deepening our knowledge of the heritage, spirituality and traditions of a Sacred Heart education.


Committed to diversity, equity and inclusion.

Sacred Heart educates to a critical social awareness that compels our entire 91st street community to reflect and act in the interest of dignity, equity, and justice. Our community values differences that include, but are not limited to, ability, age, belief, ethnicity, family structure, gender, learning style, race, religion, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status. Learn more about our school’s unique DEI philosophy and program

Living each day as Earth Day.

Convent of the Sacred Heart is committed to being environmentally responsible. The school inspires all in the 91st Street community to advocate for and take action to address environmental issues. We will lead by example and our evolving curriculum will reflect current environmental realities.

91st Street is proud to be part of the Green Schools Alliance, which pledges to develop short-term and long-term action plans for environmental sustainability and identify community-wide initiatives. Examples in action include selecting vendors with sustainable practices, such as our printing company, Capital Offset, a certified Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) business, and our dining and catering service, Flik International, which uses compostable “ecotainer” cups and bowls made from fully renewable resources. 

We are constantly seeking ways to incorporate environmental awareness into our curriculum and student life. Examples include: 

  • Kindergarten students scour their homes and the school for materials to make their very own Sacred Heart doll. For this project - a favorite among the girls - each student creates an image of herself fashioned out of paint and recycled paper and cloth. Throughout the process, girls learn about the importance of recycling and reusing materials, while creatively imagining new uses for each. 

  • Middle School students are selected to be eco-ambassadors responsible for raising awareness by creating presentations for assemblies and last year joining the Climate March at the United Nations.

  • In the Upper School students may elect an Environmental Science Class; as part of the class, students organize an Earth Day prayer service, conduct research at our roof garden at 406 (LEED Certified Gold facility), and lead discussions on current environmental issues throughout the 91st Street community.

Taking pride in our Heritage and Spirituality.

The Heritage and Spirituality Council is a standing council comprised of five members from different divisions of the school, including one member of the Religion Department. The council creates programs that explore and deepen understanding of the heritage, spirituality and traditions of Sacred Heart education, and of our founding order, the Religious of the Sacred Heart (RSCJ). Exploration of spirituality and mission includes:

  • Awakening and deepening one’s personal relationship with a loving God symbolized by the Heart of Christ

  • Empowering others to claim their own relationship with God

  • Understanding the vision of Sacred Heart education as expressed by the founding Mothers and in the Goals and Criteria

  • Integrating the values expressed in the Goals and Criteria in word and deed