Visiting Students Program

As part of a worldwide network of Sacred Heart schools, Sacred Heart in NYC helps students develop into well-informed, open-minded and compassionate global citizens. While global citizenship has only recently emerged as a critical component of 21st century education, global education has been fundamental to Sacred Heart since inception. Establishing a meaningful connection with others around the world is essential to Sacred Heart’s mission, and 50% of tenth grade students take part in our international exchange program in Upper School.

The program offers students opportunities for growth through the discovery of another culture. They become independent and self-directed young women in an environment that is different yet familiar, as they travel overseas to Sacred Heart schools and to Sacred Heart families. They become young ambassadors not only representing their school abroad, but they also introduce the American way and its values to other cultures. This bond is strengthened when the students from abroad come to the United States.

Students may study either at another Sacred Heart school in the U.S. or choose from one of our international schools. We regularly send students to Nantes and Lille, France; Madrid and Barcelona, Spain; Rome, Italy; Vienna, Austria; Sydney and Brisbane, Australia; Dublin, Ireland; London, England, as well as Taipei, Taiwan. This is a wonderful opportunity to master a foreign language, discover another part of the world, make new friends and learn and appreciate another culture. In the U.S., students have attended Sacred Heart Network schools in Miami, New Orleans, Omaha, San Francisco, Grand Coteau, Washington D.C. and Seattle.

One's education is not confined to classrooms, and through the exchange program, it is my hope that we provide one more opportunity for our students to discover a little bit more of themselves."