Future in the Field: Exploring Entrepreneurship



We define entrepreneurship as creating value where it did not exist before, through the pursuit of opportunity and innovation. Entrepreneurs ask themselves, "Is this something that could benefit the world?"

The Exploring Entrepreneurship program aims to ignite an entrepreneurial spirit in young women through experiential learning and engagement with young leaders in industry. Participants in the program will:

  • See firsthand how young entrepreneurs are working to make the world a better place and begin to imagine how they might contribute to the co-creation of a better world in their careers

  • Develop the future-ready skills, dispositions, and mindsets through experiential, hands-on learning that will empower participants to make a profound impact in their careers

  • Build community as young women within the Sacred Heart network, who will be future leaders in industry

Program Description

For two weeks in July, 91st Street students join with Atherton students to engage as a cohort in field visits with expert panels, workshops and learning, and networking dinners and activities. They spend one week in New York City through the Sacred Heart campus in Manhattan and one week in the San Francisco Bay Area through the Sacred Heart campus in Atherton. During this summer exploratory, students also engage in a collaborative design sprint to practice the entrepreneurial process of responding to real world problems with real world solutions. Applications open in January for Grade 10 students.

San Francisco Bay Area

Photos from the Program

Program Directors


Charlene Chuang
Convent of the Sacred Heart
Director of Strategy + Entrepreneurship

Dan Brady
Sacred Heart Schools, Atherton
Assistant Principal for Strategic Projects
Head of Creative Inquiry