Current plans call for construction of the FutureLab to be undertaken in three phases.


Phase 1 (Completed)

March 2020-August 2020

Construction began in March 2020 on the Makerspace and the Physics/Engineering Lab. Other infrastructure improvements, including the server room, were completed for the start of the 2020-2021 academic year. 

Phase 2a (Completed)

June 2021-September 2021

Upon the conclusion of the school year, construction will begin on the Burden and Kahn Mansions. Several STEAM Classrooms, a second Makerspace, and a new Science Lab in the Burden Mansion will be completed for the start of the new school year. 

Phase 2b (Completed)

June 2021-January 2022

Construction work continues in the Kahn Mansion allowing for the completion of dedicated spaces for Middle School Science, Life Sciences and Research, and two Chemistry Labs. This portion of the project will be finished after the return from winter recess. 

Phase 3 (Completed)

June 2022-September 2022

This final Phase included renovations to the Dining Room and the creation of the Atrium connection between the mansions.