Current plans call for construction of the FutureLab to be undertaken in three phases.


Phase 1

June 2020-September 2020

Scheduled to begin in June 2020, Phase 1 will include two (2) new and expanded Makerspaces, a renovated Lower School Science Lab, two (2) STEAM Classrooms, and a Physics/Engineering Lab. Construction on Phase 1 will be completed by September 2020.

Phase 2

September 2020-January 2021

Scheduled to begin when Phase 1 is completed, Phase 2 includes dedicated labs for Middle School Science, Life Sciences and Research, and two Chemistry Labs. Phase 2 will be completed by January 2021.

Phase 3

June 2021-August 2021

This final Phase will include renovations to the Dining Room and the creation of the Atrium connection between the mansions. All construction should be completed by August 2021.