Discovering what she is capable of achieving

“Our students take risks and try new things, while learning that perfection is a myth and beauty is in integrity, kindness and individuality.” -Catherine Hubacz, Head of Middle School

Middle School is a period of rapid growth and self-discovery. As students begin to navigate the world around them independently, they are empowered with strategies and opportunities to be resilient, ethical decision makers and confident, well-spoken young women.

A vibrant offering of student-led clubs, electives, public speaking, performances, sports, and community service projects encourage students to explore their interests and grow as leaders. Middle School students move to the Upper School with a confidence that reflects a deep understanding of their gifts and passions, respect for intellectual pursuits, and a clear sense of their responsibility to themselves, each other and the greater community.

We invite you to explore the curriculum guide to learn more about our academic and leadership programs at Sacred Heart. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Catherine Hubacz
Head of Middle School


2018-2019 Curriculum Guide