Emerging as confident, strong leaders.

The Upper School provides students with the critical discourse, experiences, and self-discovery to help them recognize what gives them a sense of meaning, and from there, how to forge a purposeful life.

At Sacred Heart, we empower our students to take intellectual risks and see mistakes not as pitfalls, but rather rich opportunities from which to learn and grow. Our students learn to embrace ambiguity and become resilient, flexible thinkers. At each level, students progressively cultivate skills of critical analysis, creative thinking, leadership, and ethical judgement.

Our curriculum is customized to each student, offering over 90 courses across a range of disciplines so that each student not only has a strong academic foundation but also can probe deeply into areas of interest. Our low teacher:student ratio allows for deep connections between students and teachers and results in individualized support, mentorship and inspiration.

Margaret Savino
Head of Upper School


More about Grades 9-12

Starting in their first year, students focus on building their skills in research and analysis, persuasive writing and public speaking so that each girl learns to articulate with conviction her ideas and unique viewpoint. In 10th grade, students expand their social justice and global perspectives as they engage in year-long community service projects and have the opportunity to study abroad at one of our international network schools.

A highlight of Junior year is a year-long, interdisciplinary research project that requires each student to deeply examine a topic of her choosing, exercising collegiate-level critical analysis and communication skills. Recent topics span religions and disciplines: Jesus and Gandhi: Christian-Hindu Interfaith Dialogue; The death penalty: the Intersection of Religion, History and Society; and Embryonic Stem Cell Research: The Conflicting Views of the Church and Scientific Community.

Senior year culminates in an opportunity to pursue a mission-based capstone project in which each student draws on her intellect, talents, faith and commitment to community service to find solutions to real world problems.

We invite you to explore our curriculum guide to discover the many opportunities available at Sacred Heart. If you have any questions about our exceptional academic program, extracurricular program or any part of the Sacred Heart experience, please do not hesitate to reach out.

2019-2020 Curriculum Guide