Upper School

The Upper School provides a challenging academic environment that fosters an active faith in God and promotes social awareness, all within a strong community that supports and nurtures each student’s potential to go out into the world and find her place.

Intellectual values, personal integrity and a spirit of community are the foundation of education in the Upper School.

Sacred Heart places a strong emphasis on thinking and writing, developing reasoning and problem-solving skills, and cultivating creativity and discipline in self-expression. Collaborative work, library and research skills, proper use of technology and media literacy are strongly integrated into all classes.

In addition to undertaking demanding academic schedules, students pursue myriad extracurricular opportunities that include after school clubs, athletics, community service projects and music and drama. Our committed faculty members are dedicated to each student’s success, with faculty advisors ensuring each student is supported in choosing and managing an appropriate balance of courses and elective activities.

2018-2019 Curriculum Guide