Upper School Curriculum


The Upper School consists of grades 9 through 12. Upper School students through grade 11 take a minimum of six academic subjects. Students in grade 12 take five or six academic subjects, with a maximum of seven if one is an AP Visual or Performing Arts class. Additionally, a number of courses offered in the Upper School are done so at the honors or Advanced Placement levels. Entrance to these courses requires departmental approval and Upper School administrative approval. To graduate, students must take the following courses between grades 9 and 12:

  • Religion: Required each year
  • English: Required each year
  • Science: Three years, including physics
  • Social Studies: Three years, including American history
  • Mathematics: Three Years, including precalculus
  • Languages: Completion of third level of one language
  • Physical Education: Required each year
  • Performing & Visual Arts: Foundations courses required in grade 9, additional study in Performing Arts, Visual Arts, or Technology beyond grade 9 foundation courses.

Course Requirements by Grade

Course Listings