A comprehensive approach to training. 

With optimal facilities available to students at our Athletics and Wellness Center, also known as “406”, we aim to capitalize on those in all aspects of PE and Athletic programming. Students are introduced to wellness concepts and the weight room during their Middle School years and this becomes more emphasized during Upper School. There is also significant time spent on speed, agility and quickness concepts, core and strength training as well as flexibility and overall fitness. Sport specific and team skill development are a key component of an athletic team season and our coaching. Coaches will also spend a lot of time discussing tactics and strategy through the use of Playsight’s video analysis tools. Student athletes can also expect education on growth mindset, mental toughness, nutrition and sleep patterns.

Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation

School nurses and our athletic trainer collaborate to oversee the community's health and wellness needs and to act in the best interest of our students.  Athletic trainer Chrissy Lee is responsible for prevention, recognition, assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation of athletic-related injuries.

Sacred Heart safeguards students in a dynamic environment, providing a support system for students from the time of injury recognition, treatment, and rehabilitation through the mental and physical challenge of competing at a high level and living an active lifestyle. To achieve our goals, we work closely with coaches and administrators, providing injury knowledge, management skills, and an objective evaluation of a student’s health status to assure a safe return to school and sports. Parents and physicians appreciate our ability to monitor progress, ensure medical directives are adhered to, and meet their child’s needs, contributing to a happy and healthy mind and body.