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RANDALL's Island
bus from Bldg 1; dismissal from Bldg 1
RANDALL's Island
"Directions:See our Directions PageFDR to Triborough Bridge (or 125th & 2nd Ave.)Follow signs after toll booth for Randall's Island (be in extreme left lane). Go down ramp onto island; bear right.Field locations on Randall's Island vary:For Stadium, or the fields behind Stadium:After coming off ramp and bearing right, continue straight on and watch for various signs (proceeding toward the southern end of Randall's). For most other numbered fields, after coming off ramp and bearing right, make an immediate left turn (as though beginning a U-turn). For fields numbered 1-8, follow through on the left turn; take road around to the northern side of the island; drive onto paths to your right. "