Because of a deep commitment to fulfilling the mission of Sacred Heart education, there will always be the need to expand technology, support financial aid and ensure competitive faculty compensation while keeping enrollment consistent and being thoughtful with tuition increases. Gifts to endowed funds provide a steady revenue stream to the school, ensuring continued programmatic offerings from strategic initiatives.

Endowed funds are established in perpetuity and provide long-term sustainability and vitality for students, faculty and programs at Sacred Heart. Sacred Heart’s endowment generates an annual stream of revenue to sustain scholarship, research, teaching and service programs. The school depends on endowment to ensure the support of programs, faculty and operations and the long-term advancement of the mission to educate the whole child.

Endowed Funds at Convent of the Sacred Heart

Convent of the Sacred Heart accepts gifts in any amount to an established endowed fund. Gifts may be used to create a named endowed fund in honor of a person or persons and named funds may be pledged over a three-year period. All endowed funds are placed in the General Endowment or other designated endowed funds to ensure stability.


Some examples of endowment funds:

Formation to Mission Fund

Recognizing the movement from a reliance on the Religious who were originally responsible for instilling a strong understanding of mission, 91st Street views all adults in its community as Sacred Heart educators with a personal responsibility to embody the school’s mission. Educators at Sacred Heart have an integral role in the shared responsibility in forming conscience and seeding those skills and attitudes which enhance critical thinking and compassionate action. Therefore, of primary importance is the continuing education and mentoring of the adult community in living the mission. Enriching the adult community’s Sacred Heart experience by promoting a deeper understanding of and creating opportunities for living the Goals and Criteria will ensure that Sacred Heart education continues to flourish in New York City for the next 125 years and beyond.

Faculty Compensation and Professional Development Funds

Sacred Heart’s continued success depends upon the school’s ability to attract and retain faculty of the highest caliber. Today there is much greater competition for the talented faculty and staff who are capable of meeting Sacred Heart’s standards. The endowment fund enhances the budget with additional resources to offer competitive salaries for experienced professionals and attract new and diverse talent.

Successful organizations continually invest in staff through professional development opportunities. Conferences, seminars, workshops, post-graduate study, and curriculum development courses are methods that inform, refresh, and invigorate faculty. New approaches in the classroom are needed with the evolving new technologies, providing for a deeper understanding of the dimensions of teaching and learning, and increasing global perspective. A dedicated professional development fund will enable Sacred Heart’s teachers to stretch their minds and expand their horizons – and students’ – on an ongoing basis.

Together, the faculty compensation and professional development funds provide opportunities for staff to continually evolve their role as advisors and educators for our students. Current named funds in this category include:

  • The Hurford Foundation Endowment for Faculty
  • The Leitner Family Endowment for Faculty/Administration Enrichment
  • The Mary Ranney, RSCJ Faculty Endowment Fund

Endowed Chairs, Teaching Positions and Religious Instruction

Sacred Heart’s educators are renowned for their commitment to quality teaching. Maintaining a superior teaching faculty requires continual resources and attention, both the recruiting and nurturing of young, talented teachers and the ongoing support of experienced educators.

Investing in excellent faculty directly benefits every student at Sacred Heart. Endowed chairs ensure the long-term distinction and continued development of departmental curriculum, programming and co-curricular learning opportunities for students and educators. Educating the whole person requires dedication from the entire staff of administrators, faculty and the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Current named funds in this category are:

  • The Diana Barrett Chair of Science
  • Master Teacher of Technology Chair
  • Chauncey Stillman Chaplaincy

Student Financial Aid and Scholarship Funds

Sacred Heart offers a unique combination of rigorous academic curriculum, co-curricular and extracurricular programs and a spiritual, moral and ethical foundation. This education of the entire student is truly transformative. Scholarships to deserving students allow 91st Street to continue to advance its mission, while preparing all students for our global community.

It is increasingly important that students understand the world in which they will live as adults. To succeed in the twenty-first century, they will live and work in a world community that reflects diverse backgrounds and values. Students must learn that traditions, beliefs and perspectives other than their own make valuable contributions to society. To prepare students for this reality, Sacred Heart must continue to promote economic, cultural, social and racial diversity.

As an investment in the future, scholarships to deserving students reward the entire community. Increasing financial aid will make possible the recruitment of a larger and more diverse pool of qualified students who will enrich the standard of education for all students.

In addition to embracing exceptional students regardless of a family’s financial resources, this endowment reserves a small amount of funding for families who cannot fully afford the supplemental academic activities and off-campus trips offered by the school.

Current named funds in this category include:

  • The Conway Family Scholarship Fund
  • The Hurford Foundation Endowment for Financial Aid
  • The Mary Lee Stone Scholarship Fund
  • The Quella Family Scholarship Fund
  • The Rumely Family Scholarship Fund
  • The McGivney Garic Hadley Endowment Fund for Minority Financial Aid

Technology Funds

Technology, as part of the curriculum and across disciplines, is essential in maintaining 91st Street as an institution at the forefront of independent school education. Sacred Heart understands that technological resources are key components of an excellent academic program and successful learning environment. The New Technology Fund is used to ensure that technological advancements in education are quickly made available to faculty and students.

Landmark and Building Preservation Funds

Sacred Heart strives to maintain a safe and attractive space which appropriately supports learning and provides for the needs of its community. The two landmark buildings that 91st Street holds in trust enhance the educational experience for all of our students. The school is dedicated to maintaining and strengthening an environment that is both aesthetically beautiful and practical for the education of its students. The Landmark Preservation Fund is used to restore and preserve the historic beauty of our buildings, including a multi-year plan to restore all of the windows in both buildings.

Currently named funds in this area include:

  • The Waldman Family Endowment Fund for Building Preservation

Department Support Fund

The Department Support Fund is used for a specific department that the donor designates. Revenue from this fund is used by the designated department for operating expenses which include, but are not limited to, programs, books and supplies, educational trips and excursions, as well as salaries for faculty within that department, if needed.

Learning Development Fund

The Learning Development Fund works students both individually and in small groups to improve upon their learning and to achieve better academic success in the classroom. With this assistance, students who may be having difficulty are helped to develop strategies that will allow them to be successful. The Learning Development Program provides support not just to the students, but works with faculty and parents so that the needs of all are addressed.
For questions about any of Sacred Heart's development programs, please contact Mr. Craig MacPherson, Director of Institutional Advancement, at (212) 722 - 4745, ext. 107 or via email at .