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A Historic Moment for CSH Athletics!
A Historic Moment for CSH Athletics!

Upper School athletics made Sacred Heart history when all four winter teams - JV Basketball, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Swimming, and Varsity Indoor Track - earned the top spots in the AAIS regular season!

JV & Varsity Basketball and Varsity Swimming finished undefeated in league competition and took home the AAIS Regular Season Championship Title. In Track, the AAIS rolled out its inaugural indoor track season, and CSH walked away as "unofficial" regular season champions.

The teams had to persevere through injuries and adversity this year, which made victory all the sweeter.

"This is even more special, knowing how hard the teams worked," Director of Athletics Lauren Thomer said in a recent email. She credited the student-athletes with keeping one another on track. "When you watch the CSH teams compete, you will see focus, passion, smiles and spirited teammates lifting each other to new heights."

AAIS playoffs began this week. Be sure to visit the website for current information on playoffs and championships!

Go Cardinals!


Varsity Basketball - Monday, 5pm vs. Hewitt at CSH 406

JV Basketball - Tuesday, 4pm vs. TBD at CSH 406

7/8 Swim Invitational - Wednesday, 4:30pm at CSH 406

7/8 Red Basketball Tournament - Wednesday, 3:30pm at Brearley

Varsity Indoor Track Championship - Wednesday, 5pm at Ocean Breeze

Varsity Swimming Championship - Thursday, 3:30pm at Asphalt Green