Better Books

A new program is inspiring Kindergarten students – and their families – to read!

Launched in September 2018 by Lower School Librarian Tali Balas, Better Books Bags allows Kindergarten students to bring home a “mystery” bag of books. They can keep the bag for up to one month, or bring it back for a new one the very next day. The catch? Students aren’t allowed to know which books each bag contains.

“Children tend to bring home the same library books again and again,” said Ms. Balas. “As a parent, at the end of a long day, the last thing you want to do is read Pikalicious for the hundredth time!”

So she decided to “send the library home.” Each bag contains three books loosely grouped by theme, such as music, puppets, or specific animals.

By the end of the program’s pilot year, three girls had taken home more than 25 bags, four girls had taken more than 30, and one girl had read through 37 bags – 111 books.

“Each collection has been so interesting, varied and beautiful that my wife and I often compete for the opportunity to read to our daughter each night,” said one kindergarten parent. He added that he believes the program has inspired his daughter’s discovery of a love for reading and books. “What more could a parent desire?”