Faculty Spotlight: Warren Perry

As Mr. Perry celebrates a decade at 91st Street, he recently sat down for a reflective conversation with the Sacred Heart Communications Department.

From a young age, Warren Perry knew he wanted his career to revolve around aquatics and building the confidence of children both inside and outside of the pool. After being hired as Sacred Heart’s Director of Aquatics in 2014, that dream became a reality. Now entering his 10th year here at 91st Street, Mr. Perry’s impact on the Sacred Heart swim program is almost unquantifiable. 

Mr. Perry finds immense joy in his role, cherishing the developmental journey that unfolds within the aquatics program. Beginning with an emphasis on survival and safety in Pre-K through Grade 1, the aquatic journey of a student at 91st Street progresses into mastering stroke techniques and competitive training in Grade 2 - 4. Mr. Perry recounted how lucky he feels to witness the pivotal transformation of each young swimmer into skilled aquatic enthusiasts. 

"Second grade is traditionally my favorite because it’s the first class I ever taught at Sacred Heart," Mr. Perry revealed. "It's where we teach freestyle, backstroke, and then we do the mermaid unit, where we teach dolphin kick."

One of Mr. Perry’s favorite aspects of working at Sacred Heart is the breathtaking 406 facility and its facilities team, which works so hard to maintain the entire building. He is also grateful for the support he’s received from Sacred Heart administrators. "They have allowed me to be innovative and creative, and encouraged my ideas, whether it's the H20Go Summer Network Project, the research trip to Australia to visit our sister schools, or new waterfront programs like the Sailing PE class.” 

Reflecting on his journey, Mr. Perry expresses gratitude for the opportunity to turn childhood dreams into reality. "Your dreams are achievable," he said. "It's a dream come true to be here, teaching swimming at a school with a mission like ours."

Another significant part of Mr. Perry’s journey at 91st Street is his time as the varsity swim coach. “It has been such a joy coaching the most incredible swimmers - from elite athletes who went on to compete on the collegiate and international levels to recreational swimmers who did the high school team out of pure passion for the sport,” Warren shared. “And of course, the incredible success the varsity team has had since opening 406!”

Mr. Perry's impact also extends beyond the swimming lanes. The H2OGo Summer Network Project stands out as one of his favorite initiatives that he has orchestrated thus far. The program not only engages 91st Street students but also connects them with peers from other Sacred Heart Network schools, creating an opportunity for shared experiences through aquatics and service.

Mr. Perry's passion for new experiences also brings him to the triathlon arena. A seasoned triathlete with five half-Ironman and one full Ironman race under his belt, Mr. Perry sees triathlons not just as a personal hobby but also as a source of inspiration that enriches his work in shaping the swimming culture at Sacred Heart. 

As the aquatics program at Convent of the Sacred Heart thrives under Mr. Perry's expert guidance, we anticipate the waves of innovation and inspiration that are yet to come. And with Mr. Perry confidently steering the ship, there's no doubt—we're not just in good hands; we're in the hands of a visionary charting a course for unprecedented success.