Fifth Grade's Cross-curricular, Culinary Adventure!

Fifth graders recently embarked on a cross-curricular, culinary adventure! Their end-of-year project combined math, world language, religion, tech, art, and English to explore the theme of food. The project culminated in a visit to the cafeteria, where students presented Sage employees with thank you cards and jars of homemade soup mix. 

Students explored the vibrant food cultures of Spanish and French-speaking countries in their world language classes. Working in pairs, they translated recipes and presented them to classmates. In Math, students solidified their understanding of ratios and decimals by converting the recipes for different numbers of servings and considering budget. They solved problem problem after problem, mastering skills while measuring and preparing ingredients. 

Language and faith came together as students collaborated in their English and Religion classes. They learned the art of letter writing and crafted thank you letters for Sage staff, typing the final version into Canva, and discussed how expressing gratitude is a way of living Goal I.

Using art and technology, students designed stickers using Canva and printed them in the Makerspace to personalize their soup jars. 

Finally, after giving their letters and gifts to Sage employees, students reflected on the profound role that food plays in building connections and fostering community. Each student contributed a special recipe from their family which will ultimately be compiled into a mouthwatering 5th-grade cookbook!