Forensics On Fire: November Newsletter

Written by Madeline W. '24

Happy November! The Forensics team is excited to announce our monthly newsletter: a new tradition to keep our community informed about the FOF team’s amazing accomplishments, our upcoming competitions, and a behind-the-scenes look into what it means to be in Forensics. 

We’ve had an amazing start to the season with a total of 45 participants across all four grades, 3 tournaments, sweepstakes wins with the Sr. Raimonde Award last weekend, and 4 students who already qualified for States - Chloe Quan, Diem Jennings, Leela Kapoor, and Sophia Thomas. Congratulations! Here’s a look at our competition wins! 


Anaeli Munoz - JV Oral Interpretation - 1st Place 

Charlotte Lessar - Dramatic Performance - 3rd Place 

Johan Domingo - Programmed Oral Interpretation - 3rd Place 

MC Cronin & Hadley Brooks - Duo Performance - 3rd Place 

Hope O’Brien & Eriko Zaglio - Duo Performance - 5th Place 

Diem Jennings - JV Oral Interpretation- 5th Place 

Estelle Baev - JV Oral Interpretation - 6th Place

Sophia Thomas - Varsity Oral Interpretation - 6th Place

Brooke Klausner - Varsity Extemporaneous Speaking - 8th Place

Grey Webb - JV Extemporaneous Speaking - 9th Place 

Chloe Quan - JV Extemporaneous Speaking - 9th Place 

Veronica Lytle - JV Oral Interpretation- 10th Place


Hugh McEvory at Bronx Science:   

Sophia Thomas - Varsity Oral Interpretation - 1st Place

Chloe Quan - Declamation - 1st Place

Grace Roache - JV Oral Interpretation - 3rd Place 

Diem Jennings - JV Oral Interpretation - 4th Place 

Rhea Sriram - Declamation - 6th Place 

Abigail LaValle - JV Oral Interpretation - 6th Place 

Eliana Castillo Yee - Declamation - 7th Place 

Grace Roche -  JV Oral Interpretation - 7th

Hope O’Brien - Declamation - 11th Place 


NYCFL at Xavier High School: 

Chloe Quan - Declamation - 1st Place 

Sophia Thomas - Oral Interpretation - 1st Place 

Leela Kapoor - Programmed Oral Interpretation - 1st Place

Lisa Nelson - Oral Interpretation - 2nd Place 

Grey Webb - Junior Varsity Extemporaneous Speaking - 4th Place

Diem Jennings - Junior Varsity Oral Interpretation - 6th Place

Eliana Castillo Yee - Declamation - 6th Place 

Karlygash Ni Longaigh - Junior Varsity Oral Interpretation - 7th Place

Veronica Lytle - Junior Varsity Oral Interpretation - 8th Place 

Keeva Leedy - Junior Varsity Extemporaneous Speaking - 12th Place  

Great job, Forensics!