How Sacred Heart Partners with Other New York City Schools


Goal Three: Schools of the Sacred Heart commit themselves to educate to a social awareness which impels to action.

At Convent of the Sacred Heart, students are afforded numerous opportunities to live out Goal Three, not just at 91st Street but at schools throughout New York City. Integral to the Sacred Heart experience, these service opportunities are presented so each student develops a deep understanding of the challenges faced by others and feels impelled to lead positive change.

Michael Chung, the Director of Community Outreach & Upper School Service, has been organizing service opportunities for students since he started at 91st Street in 1991. 

“It’s not only what Sacred Heart does on our own, but what Sacred Heart does in partnership with other schools,” he shared. “That is what has the greatest impact in our community.” 

Over the years, Sacred Heart has partnered with numerous schools in New York City, including Loyola High School, Regis High School, Xavier High School, Notre Dame Academy High School, Nightingale Bamford, Dominican Academy, and several public high schools. 

Of all the schools that Sacred Heart has partnered with, Mr. Chung shared that Regis High School is likely the longest-standing partnership. For several decades, the two schools have volunteered at Terence Cardinal Cooke Health Care Center, made sandwiches for the New York Common Pantry, done Habitat for Humanity builds, put on musical performances at senior centers together, and much more. 

When asked what he considers to be the most unique opportunity of partnering with other schools, Mr. Chung didn’t hesitate. “Friendships,” he answered “These schools come together with a common idea of caring about the greater community. When students come together to focus on that common idea, they develop relationships and friendships that are long-lasting.”

Alexis Yam ’23, Co-President of the Sacré Coeur Outreach Club (Service Club), reflected on the opportunities that partnering with other schools in New York City has brought her and her peers. 

“This year, the Sacred Heart Service Club has been partnering with Regis High School to make sandwiches for the New York Common Pantry,” Alexis said. “At our most recent meeting with Regis, some of us volunteered to support veterans through the Patriot Project and wrote them thank you letters. Working with other schools has been a great opportunity to get more people involved and collaborate on our existing initiatives while connecting with new initiatives.”

Alexis, who began at Sacred Heart in 9th grade after graduating from the De La Salle Academy, worked with her alma mater to organize the De La Salle Homework Helpers Program, a partnership that serves economically disadvantaged students from her middle school.

Alexis shared that she has been spending her senior year helping one De La Salle student in particular. She shared how rewarding it has been to see his growth during their short time together. She also reflected on how fulfilling it has been to connect her middle school with Sacred Heart students and give back to a community that has supported her. 

“The community of collaboration at Service Club has allowed me to empower other diverse communities and create the change I wish to see.” Alexis shared. 

If you are a 91st Street student or community member that would like to learn more about the abundant service opportunities that are available for students, please email Michael Chung at