Midnight Run Spring 2023

On May 12, sixteen members of the Sacred Heart community participated in Midnight Run. This bi-annual event provides essentials to New York City's homeless community, such as clothing, toiletries, food and heartfelt conversation. The following quotes are from some of the student and parent participants from this spring's Midnight Run. 

"The Midnight Run is a night I constantly look forward to that offers a different perspective and a time to spread joy, love, and laughter to others in our community. The Run inspires new friendships and motivation for all participating, whether it's us students or the people we talk with. I always come home smiling thinking about the new and old friends we talked to and feeling more grateful for the roof over my head." - Student

"I felt very connected to a different part of my community and it was special to be able to bring the people we met so much joy and help them get items they needed." - Student

"Volunteering at the Midnight Run reminded me of the perseverance of women and the importance of drive and ambition." - Student

"It was truly inspiring to see the girls interacting with the clients with such care and confidence. We are so grateful for everything you do to ensure the Sacred Heart community helps those beyond 91st St." - Parent