Staff Spotlight: Mike McNerney

In the bustling entrance of Sacred Heart stands Mike McNerney, the newest member of Sacred Heart’s security team. Since joining 91st Street in June 2023, Mr. McNerney has become an integral part of the school's community, helping to manage everything related to the school’s security and operations. 

From the front desk in the main entrance, Mr. McNerney oversees many aspects of the school’s operations, including being the first point of contact for school visitors, dealing with bus transportation issues, and providing assistance to both parents and students. In this central hub, he not only ensures the safety of the entire 91st Street community but also helps to foster a welcoming environment.

“You wear many hats in a school environment and so every day there is something new, interesting, or different that happens.” Mr. McNerney shared with a smile.

What sets Sacred Heart apart for Mr. McNerney is its Catholic educational environment. “The environment is very positive. The students, faculty, staff, and parents are all so friendly,” said Mr. Mcnerney

His transition from the corporate world, where he served as the Director of Security at a tech firm, to Sacred Heart was prompted by a chance conversation with a father from the school. After learning about the opportunity, Mr. McNerney found himself drawn to 91st Street’s vibrant community.

Before joining Sacred Heart, Mr. McNerney served in the NYPD for 20 years, and before that, The Marine Corps. Both roles instilled in him a sense of duty, discipline, and service to others. Beyond his professional endeavors, Mr. McNerney is also civically involved. In his local community, he has served as the president of civic associations, volunteered as a youth counselor and assumed leadership roles in veterans organizations. His commitment to service extends far beyond his job description, embodying Goal 3: Goal Three: Schools of the Sacred Heart commit themselves to educate to a social awareness that impels to action. 

In the dynamic environment of a school, every day brings forth new challenges and experiences. For Mr. McNerney, this variety keeps him engaged and invigorated as he navigates the day-to-day life of Sacred Heart.