What have been the advantages of an all-girls school environment?

In an all-girls school, you have more choices to make close friendships with other girls and make connections. I used to be in a co-ed school and it was fine, but at Sacred Heart I have more choices of friends that have the same interests.

What is unique about Sacred Heart?

The community is focused on academics, but also on arts and athletics. Also, Sacred Heart cares about faith.  We have Mass every week and it is very interesting to learn about stories from the Bible and how they apply to my life.

What is one of your favorite academic projects?

I loved the great speeches project in history class in sixth grade.  I had Susan B. Anthony.  I love to perform and it was fun to perform and become an expert on her.  The project asked us to take an inspirational speech that has impacted the world in some way.  I learned through my research that you should never give up on your dreams. Susan B. Anthony kept trying to get the women’s right to vote. Even though it happened after she died, she helped not only women in America, but millions of women in other nations.

What does being a student at Sacred Heart mean to you?

I am part of a community that has a strong belief in academics and in having close relationships with teachers and students, sort of like a family.

What have you learned about yourself by being at Sacred Heart?

I have learned that I love the arts.  When I was in the Middle School musical, Oliver, I learned more about musicas well as performing skills.

Which of the five Sacred Heart Goals means the most you? Explain why.

I like Goal Three because it is about making a difference in the world with our actions.  A recent graduate just came back to Sacred Heart to tell us how she was inspired by Goal Three to volunteer at a school in Uganda.  In NYC, we donated soccer gear for the project and taught soccer. Even though we were far away, we made an impact.

What do you like to do after school?

I participate in the Middle School musical, track, chorus and math team.

Who or what inspires you?

My teachers.  They work so hard every day for us.  For example, my French teacher, she comes from Connecticut each day and keeps coming back to Sacred Heart each year because she loves the community and wants to help students get better at French.

Talk about a passion you developed.

I love math.  My math teacher Ms. Favaro makes math exciting! We have academics, positivity and fun together at Sacred Heart.  You can use math in all areas of your life.  When we have interesting projects in math, I learn faster.

If there was only one word you could use to describe what Sacred Heart means to you, what would it be?