Why did you choose Sacred Heart?

The strong community. I wanted a place where I would be able to grow and thrive and be intellectually challenged.

What have been the advantages of an all-girls environment?

The all-girls environment is so unique. We all support each other and I can truly count on my friends.

What is unique about Sacred Heart?

Everyone at Sacred Heart cares for you. My friends at other schools don’t have the same support system. Our teachers genuinely care about each of us.

What subject are you most passionate about?

I love science! This year I am taking AP Biology. The class is so dynamic and interesting.

What does being a student at SH mean to you?

It means being independent. As I have grown academically and socially, I depend less and less on my parents; I am able to make my own decisions with good conscience. It also means listening to others and respecting everybody’s opinion.

Which of the five Sacred Heart goals means the most to you?

Personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom is my favorite goal. Making good decisions is one of the most important facets of our lives.

What about your extra curricular activities?

I run indoor and outdoor track and love it. I have particularly enjoyed meeting and becoming friends with students from different grades – there is such an emphasis on team bonding. The spring training trip will always be one of the highlights of my high school career. I also love student government. I am my class president this year, and the student government team has accomplished so much by working together and being supported by our teachers.

Which one accomplishment are you the most proud of and why?

I am most proud of becoming an athlete. When I came in 9th grade, I didn’t think there would be time to play sports. I was worried about balance. But I took the risk and learned how to manage my time. I am so proud of all my accomplishments and the impact that being a student athlete has had on me.

If there were only one word to describe Sacred Heart, what would it be?

Nurturing. Sacred Heart pours into you what you need to go out into the world and make a change, while still always being your own person.