What is your earliest memory at Sacred Heart?

I remember on the first day, walking to school with my mom -- I was so nervous. There were three girls who were arm-in-arm and came up to us. They joked that they were the Sacred Heart welcoming committee. It made me feel at ease.

Why did you choose to attend Sacred Heart?

I applied to several schools. I chose Sacred Heart because it had great facilities, kids who were truly good people, and good parents and teachers.

What have been the advantages of an all-girls school environment?

I used to go to a co-ed school. It is a lot easier to focus at Sacred Heart. Friends from co-ed schools feel bad for me, but I tell them that it's a lot easier to have fun at an all-girls school where you don’t have to impress boys. At a co-ed school, you get nervous to say what you want to say because you want your friends to like you. Here at Sacred Heart, friends accept each other for who they are.

What is unique about Sacred Heart?

There is an air of family and happiness here. Other schools feel cold. Here, the atmosphere is warm and you get the feeling that you can trust everyone.

What have you learned about yourself by being at Sacred Heart?

I have learned that even though I am sometimes shy and reserved, no one can you if you don't speak up. It is better to put yourself out there. We do a lot of public speaking projects. Watching classmates during these projects, I see people really respond to ideas if you speak up and tell them what your ideas are.

How does Sacred Heart meet the different interests of you and your sister Cameron?

Cameron is more artistic and free-spirited than I am. I am more reserved and academic. For my sister, there are a lot of chances here for her to interact with people, like group projects and retreats. For me, Sacred Heart is academically challenging in a good way -- like honors classes in math and languages, and electives like student council or newspaper.

What are your afterschool activities?

Softball, soccer and Fab Lab. Our softball team became very close-knit and I got to know girls from other grades. Fab Lab, which is a computer class. Our last project involved conductive threading, a thread that conducts electricity through the fabric on the edge of gloves that work on smartphones. Technology has become a huge part of our world and Sacred Heart is open to technology. It is amazing that we have a 3D printer. Sacred Heart motivates us to do whatever we are interested in and try new things though classes and electives.

Which one accomplishment are you the most proud of?

I am most proud that I won the election to become Vice President of the Middle School. In preparing my speech, it was fun to think of ideas that would help everyone in Middle School. It is my second year here, and it is crazy to think that of all the people running, everyone thought I would be the best to represent them. It shows students didn’t just vote for their friends, but really listened to the speeches and voted on the ideas.

If there were only one word you could use to describe what Sacred Heart means to you, what would it be?

Integrity. You are expected to be kind, and to respect each other and to have integrity. That is Sacred Heart.