You’re in Kindergarten and this your first year at Sacred Heart.  How has it been?

Amazing! I really like Sacred Heart and I really like new beginnings. My teachers are really nice and my friends are really nice too.

What has been your favorite memory this year?

I loved Grandparent’s Day! We got to sing songs for our grandparents and show them all the special things we have done. We did a fun worksheet together on measuring in our classroom. It was a special day.

What is your favorite subject?

Art. I like art because I am really good at art and I whatever I try to do in art class, I end up liking.

What has been your favorite project this year?

The Family Visit Book. We made a book about all the family visits to our classroom this year. The family visits are when someone’s family comes in and shares things they are interested in or things they like to eat or traditions they have. My family shared a video with music and pictures of me when I was young. We made maracas in the classroom and ate Baked by Melissa cupcakes. After every family visit we write about the visit in the book.

Tell me about 406 [our Athletics and Wellness Center]:

We do lots of fun stuff there like tennis, swimming, dance and exercise.

Do you like being at a school with only girls?

Yes, because girls can be whatever they want to be. I know I can be a mommy and a superhero.

What does it feel like to walk into school every morning?

Happy. It feels very happy.

What is your favorite Sacred Heart goal?

I like Goals I and II. Goal I because God really loves us and we want to thank him for building us. And Goal II because I like learning and it is fun to learn new things that I have never learned before.

Describe Sacred Heart in one word: