What have been the advantages of an all-girls school environment?

We all understand and support one another.

Do you have a favorite class?

Language Arts. We read different types of books - biographies, fiction, non-fiction. Books help us to grow and learn new things.

What was your favorite academic project?

In Social Studies we made landmarks with cardboard, tissue paper and puff balls. My group created the Flatiron Building. The building is a triangle, which is really unique.

What does being a student at Sacred Heart mean to you?

When you are at Sacred Heart, you feel like you are at a school with girls who are smart and special.

Which of the five Sacred Heart Goals means the most to you?

Goal 5 means the most to me. It means people help you grow and do your best.

What do you do after school?

I like to read or play tennis with my brother and sister. We all have tennis every day except Mondays.

Are you excited about the new Athletics and Wellness Center?

I love going over to 406! The space is amazing and we get to swim together as a class.

Who inspires you?

The girls in my class, because they are really unique and different. Some are especially smart, some are especially nice and some are very funny.

If there were only one word you could use to describe what Sacred Heart means to you, what would it be?