Penny and Olivia

Is this your first year at Sacred Heart? What grade are you in?

Penny: This is my first year in Kindergarten. My twin sister Olivia is also in K. Her classroom is KW. Mine is KF. Our classrooms are very close.

Olivia: I am in Kindergarten. This is my first year at Sacred Heart. My sister Penny is here too. She’s nice.

When do you see your twin sister at school?

Penny: I see her on the roof where we play family together. She’s the big sister and I’m the little sister and our other friends are the mom, dad and other big sister. We have fun.

Olivia: I see her in the morning and then on roof. We mostly play family. Sometimes we play princesses.

What is your first memory at Sacred Heart?

Penny: I remember my first day of school. I met my teachers and thought they would love me.

Olivia: I remember that on the first day of school I hugged my teacher. I was excited to be here. I walked into my classroom and liked everyone.

Tell me about your teachers.

Penny: My teachers love me because I am a good friend and try my best.

Olivia: My teachers are really good at teaching.

What is your favorite subject?

Penny: All of them.

Olivia: Free Choice. I usually go to dramatic play.

What has been your favorite project this year?

Penny: I love all our art projects. I loved decorating the cover of the Family Visits Book. I drew a picture of my family. I enjoy writing about my family. We love each other.

Olivia: My favorite project was the Sleeping Beauty project. My whole class made up their own fairy tale about Sleeping Beauty. We then made a book and a movie. I enjoyed painting the pictures for the book. My favorite painting was when the princess was asleep and the prince walked into the tower. The book is on our bookshelf in the classroom. Our whole class was very proud.

What do you do after school?

Penny: Ceramics and chess.

Olivia: I play chess and ceramics.

Do you like being at a school with only girls?

Penny: Yes, because my friends are nice to me and play with me a lot. I have a lot of friends.

Olivia: Yes, because the boys in my old school were rough sometimes. It is better without boys.

What does it feel like to walk into school every morning?

Penny: Happy! We get to shake hands with the Head of Lower School. 

Olivia: Happy because I get to see my teachers and friends every morning. 

What is your favorite Sacred Heart goal?

Penny: Goal I because God really does love everyone.

Olivia: Goal II because I like to learn and I like to have fun.

Describe Sacred Heart in one word:

Penny: KIND.

Olivia: FUN.