What was your favorite academic project?

My favorite project this year was the geometry project: we had to make our own town out of geometric shapes. My town was called Space Town-Galactica. Other classmates made Puppy Town and Leprechaun Town. I enjoyed the element of creativity required – I put little moons, planets, and stickers with aliens all around. I learned that with towns, everything has to be precise. All the shapes needed to fit and work together with the other elements of the town.

What classes are your favorite because they relate to what you want to be when you grow up?

English and Social Studies. I want to be a travel writer and photographer. My English teacher Ms. Gildersleeve shows us how to write, but also how to use words to create a message. In Social Studies, we do a lot of writing, but we also learn about where things are and about places we might be going.

What does being a student at Sacred Heart mean to you?

You are unique. You can be good at anything and we will accept you. You could be good at art and English, and no one will judge you; there is no pressure to be good at only one thing. At Sacred Heart, you are free to believe and you can do anything.

What have you learned about yourself by being at Sacred Heart?

I believe Sacred Heart is all about the 3 As: academics, athletics and arts. I have learned here that all of these apply to me.

What do you like most about being a Sacred Heart student?

Being part of a community of people who want to grow is important to me. Everyone helps me with my personal growth, and I help them with theirs.

I know you don’t live close to school. How has the commute impacted your experience?

Having to commute doesn't impact me that much. Technology has helped a lot. Also, I have made friends on the bus with 7th graders and other girls in my grade. We would probably be friends without the bus, but it’s nice to have the time on the bus to catch up.

What electives do you take after school?

Fab Lab, soccer, swimming and softball. These activities help me connect with girls in other grades.

If there were only one word you could use to describe what Sacred Heart means to you, what would it be?

Unique. I have met so many people here since Kindergarten. We share interests, but everyone is different and it is fantastic. I am not like anyone else here and there is no one like me.