Why did you choose Sacred Heart?

When I walked into Sacred Heart, it was so warm and welcoming that I immediately knew this would be the place where I would grow the most. I was right!

What have been the advantages of an all-girls environment?

I came from a co-ed environment and was excited to go to a single-sex school. Being in an all-girls environment has allowed me to speak up and have a voice. And we are all so supportive of one another, like family.

What is unique about Sacred Heart?

The teachers – they are so caring and kind. They genuinely care how we are doing, not only in the classroom, but out of the classroom. We can talk to them about anything.

What academic discipline are you most passionate about?

My favorite subject is math. I loved Algebra 1 and Geometry, and I am so excited about Pre-Calculus next year. I also have loved Chemistry this year. The process of learning the subject matter has been so gratifying – it’s made me develop a love of the sciences.

What does being a student at Sacred Heart mean to you?

Acting with moral integrity. I truly believe a Sacred Heart girl holds herself to a higher standard. We care so much about one another.

What have you learned about yourself by being at Sacred Heart?

I have learned that even when I am stressed and things aren’t going my way, I will be ok because there will always be support here for me, whether it’s from my classmates or my teachers.

Which of the five Sacred Heart goals means the most to you?

My favorite goal is Goal 3--a social awareness which impels to action. Our community is so close that we are all very conscious of the need to help one another. At Sacred Heart this philosophy is integrated into our daily lives.

Can you talk about your extracurricular activities?

I run track and cross country. While doing sports is a huge commitment, it has helped me learn how to manage my time; I honestly feel I get more done by being busier. I also play the piano and serve on the student government as 10th grade class president.

What impact has the Athletics and Wellness Center had on you?

The Athletics and Wellness Center is making us all better athletes! Our practices are more intense, but it has made us all -- coaches and students -- much closer. It has also brought our entire community together.

Who or what inspires you?

My parents inspire me. Even though they are divorced, they have taught us to be independent in every way and how to navigate life’s challenges. Most of all,they love us.

If there were only one word to describe Sacred Heart, what would it be?

Home, because I am always excited to walk through the doors. This really is my second home and that will never stop being true, even after I graduate.