What grade are in you in? Is this your first year at Sacred Heart?

I am in 3rd Grade and I have been at Sacred Heart since Pre-K. My sister Chloe is in 5th Grade.

What is your first memory at Sacred Heart?

I remember meeting everyone on my first day of preschool. I didn’t know anyone. I was nervous. Everyone kept coming up to me to play with me, which was nice. Now I know everyone’s name in my entire grade. Everyone from Pre-K, except one girl, is still here and we are all still friends.

What does being a 3rd grader mean to you?

It means we are almost the heads of the Lower School so we are more in charge and more of a role model to the younger kids. I remember when I was younger and the 3rd graders helped me. Now I get to help the younger kids and show them what to do.

Tell me about your teachers.

All my teachers are different and all of them are nice. They figure out how you learn and teach a different way to everyone. I’ve never had a teacher I didn’t like!

What is your favorite subject?

Math, because I am really good at it and there are many different levels. I like the way my teachers teach math. I teach my friends at other schools our math. They like learning what we do here.

What has been your favorite project this year?

That is hard. We have a lot of great projects. I think my favorite would probably be the Action Figure Project we did in tech, science, library and art. We worked in groups of 2 or 3 people and everyone had to build an action figure with a super power. Our action figure’s super power was "freeze breath" to help with global warming and animals that are dying. We named our figure Frost Boy. We also made a story about him and using Scratch we made an animation. We built the action figure in science using littleBits and circuits. We put a light in his mouth so that when you flicked the switch it would look like he was breathing ice. It was very cool.

Tell me about 406 [our Athletics and Wellness Center]:

My favorite thing about 406 are all the fun games. In swimming, we play Minnow Minnow in the pool. In the gym, we do different sports like softball and then we do fitness games on the 3rd floor. Each rotation is different, but equally fun.

What is unique about Sacred Heart?

Most schools don’t have Mass or learn about God. Every Thursday we have Mass and our parents can come and we get to see them at school. My parents always come and I love being at Mass with them.

Do you like being at a school with only girls?

Yes, because girls get along better. They are also neater and nicer. With my friends, I can be silly and if I mess up, they help me. We work together a lot. I like the projects when you work with other people because it is more fun working together as a team.

What does it feel like to walk into school every morning?

I am so happy to be here. I want to stay until the last grade here. I like school better than summer.

What is your favorite Sacred Heart goal?

Goal III because at Sacred Heart we do a lot of fun activities to help others. Like Hats On Day, we raise money for cancer. And on Thanksgiving we each get assigned a family and make a basket of food for them.  Sacred Heart always helps other people. We are very generous and it feels good to help others.

Describe Sacred Heart in one word: